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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Window of opportunities

When God opens a new window of opportunity, why is it that we so often, instead of grabbing the opportunity with both hands, we often miss it! 

Because we are scared. Uncertain.  
We 'back-track' a little...
Wondering if this is from God?
Doubting God, doubting ourselves.
Fast & Pray for days again for an answer, forgetting that you have already been fasting and praying ...

Is it maybe to big to grasp?
Too good to be true?

Surely then this must be true ...'coz we serve a Mighty God... who Himself dreams 'big, 2 good to be true dreams' for us...

He is the type of God that wants to give the very best, and the biggest to us, His beloved ones. Us. You and me.

We have yet to learn to embrace Him. His goodness. His mercy.

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